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The Golden Manufacturer interactive, multimedia E-Book provides the user/reader with perhaps the most uniquely developed organisation marketing tool in Fiji. Webmedia Fiji developed every aspect of this one-of-a-kind instrument from writing, design, photography, video production and all of the sales presentation strategies.

The concept is to allow Sales personnel to instantly access and highlight any facet of the operations or sales and marketing agenda. This innovative instrument includes custom-edited videos along with high resolution photography and a newly re-written company profile that is all integrated with bullet pointed sales presentation.

Two versions are developed. One is a short, concise corporate profile available for public download. The extended version also includes a custom strategized, written and developed sales presentation for Golden
Manufacturing personnel only. It is individually loaded for appropriate staff and the ideal tool to help close any deal.

All information is easily accessible and just a finger-tip away on a tablet or phone in pure high resolution colour and it’s truly the next generation in corporate presentations. Available in PC, Apple and Android formats, the profile can be viewed by anyone.

Once it is stored on a phone, tablet or desktop, you have it permanently and will not require the internet for any features or future use.

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