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The Textile Clothing and Footwear Council of Fiji (TCF) had Webmedia’s Executive Director, Steve Reid, serve as one of its featured consultants on a three million dollar AusAid funded program to help stabilize and revive the textile clothing and footwear industry of Fiji. Steve’s role was to serve as the lead expert on Sales and Marketing matters which resulted in the establishing of not only web and collateral but also extended to individual consultations with each of the council members.  It also included long workshop sessions on sales and marketing tactics beginning from introductions and handshakes onto advanced closing tactics. Peter Bennett, TCF Industry Consultant, who ran the consultation program says,

“Massive amounts of appreciation to Steve and the Webmedia team for their efforts and assistance shown throughout our incredible make-up of the Fiji campaign and I believe that the continued success of the TCF Council is a strong validation of what Steve and his team brought to the table.”

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