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When we reviewed the existing photography of TappooCity, the Tappoo Group’s flagship shopping mall, it became obvious that it did not represent what the complex truly offered to the customers.

So we embarked on a two day shoot with a world class photographer working with our in-house art directors to achieve what you see on these pages. Meetings were held, subject matter nailed down then comprehensive reference was compiled so stylistically we were on the same page with the client.

Once this was signed off, we began the talent search and auditions that would provide the best candidates to represent the client’s customer base, both local and tourist.

Pre-production meetings were followed by walk-throughs with the client and photographer to guarantee we had covered all bases and were ready to shoot.

Armed with make-up and styling artists, a comprehensive shot list and shooting schedule, our art director and the photographer embarked on a two day shoot with the results of which you see here.

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