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Asset Impact is a US based demolition and asset recovery firm which in the last year and a half has worked on what could only be categorised as major projects as assessed by any reasonable standard. When Asset Impact was in its start-up phase, we were called on to develop everything from logos, business cards along with complete collateral and assistance with sales presentations and proposals. Within three months of launching the new company, the first job came in from the contact form off of the new Webmedia designed website… it was the demolition and asset recovery of a 600-room casino in Nevada. Subsequent jobs have included work in the print industry, a regional Benjamin Moore paint factory and currently, the San Diego Tribune. Ambed Prasad, Assset Impact’s Owner, says,

“Words can’t express the depth of appreciation and admiration for not only the efforts of Webmedia but for the results. When I started this company, it was a risk, now thanks in great part to Webmedia and their marketing assistance, we’ve passed that hurdle where the risk has become reward.”

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