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Our suggestion to create a Mobile Application for the property, based on the compendium we produced during the re-brand, was initially met with some skepticism until the value of pre-familiarization was identified by the client. A mobile app that can be downloaded prior to departure from the client’s originating country and reviewed during lengthy airport waits and flight and land transport times would not only be welcomed by the guest but save the resort huge time and personal resources performing the same task when the guest arrived.

The Warwick Fiji has since placed tablets in transfer vehicles for the guests, who didn’t download the app for their smartphone, to use in transit.

The real value of the app to the resort is proving to be the tactical use of the “Push Notification” feature to sell unsold spa and restaurant time as well as reminders of special upcoming events and daily happy hours. As the app is geo-tracked, the ability to “Push” different messages to guests who have returned home is useful in maintaining contact with clients.

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