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Uprising is a fun, funky “Flash Packer” destination located in Fiji’s adventure capital, Pacific Harbour. When they embarked on a mission to create a website that showcased not only the offerings of the property but the entire region they briefed Webmedia on their requirements. The site had to be a virtual gallery throughout for both photography and video. They wanted the ability to clear screens of text and graphics for an unobstructed view of all and any photos on the site. The client is web savvy and wanted a content management system (CMS) that could be updated by any of their front office or marketing personnel without having to be a graphic designer.

We delivered a CMS solution that went beyond that. We came up with a system where all the font and graphic styles were predetermined so all the staff have to do is input raw data. Every page in every category has its own gallery with multiple pics and video can be linked on any page.

There is a facility for special offers attached to each page and the entire front end can be cleared with the click of a button to reveal the full frame background picture. The internal page galleries also allow full frame or enlarged viewing while maintaining the gallery navigation features. A truly custom solution.

To view the final result click on the “View the Project” link below or to hear the full story and see the complete package we created call Steve Reid on 992 6004 or email steve@webmediafiji.com

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