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Television and video are extremely powerful mediums whether used as brand builders, announcements, education devices or sales promotions.

The recent launch of the new Punjas Biscuits brand used both mediums to create brand awareness, announce their arrival in the marketplace throughout Fiji and to sell the capabilities of the new hi-tech biscuit factory to offshore producers of biscuits as a world-class manufacturing resource. Television, supported by outdoor advertising was used to great effect to communicate the benefits of using “The Good Oil” in the recent Punjas Cooking Oils campaign while a French Fashion Designer, and a beach fashion shoot, communicated the importance of using a “Quality Detergent like Coral” in an earlier campaign.

The Bodyguard “Graffiti Vodafone Promo” TVC was hugely successful in up-selling customers from single to 3 bar packs last year supported by strong POS and Billboard exposure.

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