The Warwick Fiji – Rebrand

As the pace of change rapidly progresses, and we are exponentially bombarded with commercial messages, the distinguishing value of a strong brand increases.

When the Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa embarked on a complete makeover of the property they looked both offshore and in Fiji for someone to create a unique, relevant and appealing face. One which could be used across all hotel collateral and corporate communications to distinguish them from the crowd.

Our initial brief was to create a personality for the property in keeping with their vision for the future of this grand, but older, property. We identified a platform of “understated elegance” as appropriate and applied this to a new logo, colour scheme and font usage. A comprehensive in-room directory (compendium) was created from which most of the other collateral flowed – brochures, fact sheets, advertising, posters and expo displays. This style was also translated into corporate presentations, websites and mobile applications.