The E-volution has begun
Last October, we noted that due to national macro-economic fiscal policy, the ability for Fiji banks to offer conventional E-commerce, payment gateways was next-to-impossible. Yes, they existed, but they pretty much required overseas programmers and budgets at or above $50,000… and even more sadly, the websites they produced already looked a decade old on the first day of launch. So for the average SME, they were just not financially feasible.

Well, we’re proud to say that a couple of crackerjack Webmedia techs have figured out how to link in with one Fiji bank to produce live, state-of-the-art, e-commerce shopping carts. This is a revelation and hopefully the start of a revolution, an e-volution!

Now, any Fiji company can have an online shopping cart and tap into local and international credit and debit cards. Here’s the best part, we’re finding locals are purchasing more online than anyone expected. If you offer delivery options, all the better. We can set up your cart to charge extra for delivery.

Should I have an online shopping/payment facility?
Here’s the Online Markets you can now tap into:

· Locals with credit cards or debts cards. This number is approaching 100,000 nationally.

· Fiji Expats looking to ensure that their money goes to the right place (appliances, school supplies, food, etc.) and not the wrong place (“Hey Bartender, this round is my shout!!!”)

· Fiji expats who don’t want to pay wire transfer costs associated with cash transfers.

· Fiji expats who want to make payments

· General Overseas consumers

· Tourists who bought your product while here and now they want to re-up back home.

Is an online shopping facility right for me?
Fiji credit/debit facilities is now a big place and the world’s a much bigger place. If you take the lead, your customers ‘will’ follow. If any of this sounds exciting to you… and it probably should… contact us today and we could have you selling to the world, tomorrow.

For more information or a consultation, contact or call 3318842 or 9926013