June 3, 2015 WMSP Support

Scroll vs. Clicks: Another Reason for Longer Websites

There is literally overwhelming statistical evidence that long websites perform better than short websites. This is in respects to SEO, Conversions and ‘General Retention’. However, it seems company owners in the South Pacific have a particularly strong proclivity towards ‘demanding’ short sites that fit in the initial browser view. Well, sorry to tell you stubborn ‘old-schoolers’ but there’s yet another very compelling reason that size matters.

Tablets and phones don’t do clicks well, they are far more scroll and swipe friendly. Medium.com notes, “Websites which spread their articles onto multiple pages will soon learn this lesson. Expect these to turn into longer single pages or even, like TIME magazine, into infinite scrolling pages”

Now, with more than 50% of all Internet accessed in industrialised markets via a mobile phone or tablet, it may be time for your ‘extension’.

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