September 8, 2021 WMSP Support

Regional Provider of Specialist Disaster Risk Finance Services Establishes its Web Presence

Webmedia South Pacific is currently contracted by PCRIC as both their Marketing & Communications Firm and its Website (IT) developer. The Pacific Catastrophe Risk Insurance Company (PCRIC) is a regionally focused captive insurance company owned by Pacific Island nations through the Pacific Catastrophe Risk Insurance Foundation (PCRIF), which is based in the Cook Islands.

The website was launched in early September, 2021 and features an interactive map module, media archives section, tender database, members-based login forum platform and a file-sharing portal. In addition to the technical developments, Webmedia SP was also engaged to provide copywriting, creative illustrations, and additional creative input to the high-profile website.

PCRIC’s CEO, ‘Aholotu Palu, commended the excellent work saying, “We believe this initial presentation of the company’s website will help with our current effort to boost brand awareness in the region. For PCRIC, this is a key milestone, and our website not only provides outstanding brand awareness but also certainly helps to establish credibility and a boosted understanding of PCRIC’s unique and valued efforts within the disaster relief space.”

Click here to view the website