Rest in Peace, Vani Naivalu.

Vani Naivalu

In an office filled with so many very special different people from such diverse backgrounds, one woman clearly stood head and shoulders above the rest of us in terms of grace, acceptance and especially in emanating a peaceful and unassuming spiritual commitment.

She was our moral compass, one that any and/or all of us would use either personally or professionally… as her compass always pointed true north, straight to God above. Vani never quit, she overcame struggles and found new ways to evolve herself.

She is now on to the next step in her evolutionary process, armed with more faith in God than any of us may have ever seen. She is closer to God now and for sure, she is putting in a kind word for anyone she ever met.

Vani, thank you for blessing our lives, for being the type of person we can emulate and for just being you.

God Love and God Bless.