A Tribute to Josefa Tuamoto by Susan Yee

I got to know Jo from time spent around him, both in Fiji and in the Solomon Islands working with him and “THE” team. I was going to say ‘HIS’ team but nothing was ever his. To Jo, we all were in it together. He was as generous with time as he was with his Smile. You know, they say ‘Smiling is an act of charity’, and if that is the case, Jo donated more to the South Pacific than the European Union.

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A Tribute to Josefa Tuamoto by Steve Reid

I have known Jo for probably around 16 or 17 years, way back to when he was the Head of marketing at Tourism Fiji. When I first met him, I don’t think I had ever met a smoother, cooler guy with a million dollar smile. By the way, you know, over time and with inflation, that million dollar smile grew to be a billion dollar smile. But back then Jo was as whip smart as he was charming. And we became mates. And more than that, for the first time, I had found someone my own age who I would gladly follow.

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Regional Provider of Specialist Disaster Risk Finance Services Establishes its Web Presence

Webmedia South Pacific is currently contracted by PCRIC as both their Marketing & Communications Firm and its Website (IT) developer. The Pacific Catastrophe Risk Insurance Company (PCRIC) is a regionally focused captive insurance company owned by Pacific Island nations through the Pacific Catastrophe Risk Insurance Foundation (PCRIF), which is based in the Cook Islands.

The website was launched in early September, 2021 and features an interactive map module, media archives section, tender database, members-based login forum platform and a file-sharing portal. In addition to the technical developments, Webmedia SP was also engaged to provide copywriting, creative illustrations, and additional creative input to the high-profile website.

PCRIC’s CEO, ‘Aholotu Palu, commended the excellent work saying, “We believe this initial presentation of the company’s website will help with our current effort to boost brand awareness in the region. For PCRIC, this is a key milestone, and our website not only provides outstanding brand awareness but also certainly helps to establish credibility and a boosted understanding of PCRIC’s unique and valued efforts within the disaster relief space.”

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Aloha! Susan Goes to Hawaii!

Picture this.

A six-week all expenses paid trip to Hawaii and Washington D.C. A chance to explore and discover a world like no other, and meet fellow Pacific Islanders from across 8 different island nations.

Well, that’s what Susan Yee from our office did!

Susan, who serves as Webmedia’s Chief of Creative Content, was selected as one of 15 South Pacific Islands Representatives for Tourism Professionals as she was recognised for her extensive background in creative and branding inputs for dozens of SP tourism entities of all sizes.

Her time in Hawaii included both classroom sessions with multiple industry experts and field trips to unlocking the wonders of Hawaii’s magnificent culture and history. This was then followed by a 4-week work placement as they collaborated with their American counterparts across diverse business sectors.

Susan was fortunate to have been assigned to the iconic Kahala Hotel and Resort as her internship placement along with a Samoan colleague. They visited different departments and learnt the behind-the-scenes ‘ins and outs’ of The Kahala’s daily operations.

The trip concluded with a Professional Fellows Congress in Washington D.C attended by 270 professionals from various backgrounds along with high-ranking U.S Government Dignitaries.

We hope you enjoyed yourself, Susan! We certainly missed you and welcome back to the same ole, but as per usual, completely different every day, grind!


Webmedia South Pacific Donates Time and Website to WOWS Kids Fiji

There are special organisations, and then there are ‘special’ organisations… the type you just feel blessed and proud to be able to help support in any way.

With the recent launch of the WOWS Kids Fiji website, a non-profit charity foundation established in 2014 for children with cancer in Fiji, the whole team here at Webmedia SP is honoured to have participated in this noble cause.

Viola Lesi, team leader for WOWS Kids Fiji, expressed her own gratitude for our team’s generosity and sponsorship of the website. She commended the staff for being accommodating and easy to work with.  “That goes both ways, Viola… Vinaka vakalevu”

WOWS Kids continues to the good fight extending their reach and further their awareness campaign on child cancer. The website should help to further educate the general public on the work and services of WOWS Kids, and how they themselves can also help those suffering from cancer. Whether it’s a big or small contribution, every single person’s effort and/or contribution counts in this battle.  We invite you all to make WOWS Kids a beneficiary of some small gesture.

Apart from supporting children with cancer and their family on their journey, WOWS Kids intends to be more holistic in their approach especially in the areas of psychology, finance, nutrition and literacy.

Equipped with two Paediatric Oncology Units at both the Lautoka and Colonial War Memorial Hospitals, WOWS Kids to date has supported 70+ children with cancer.

While Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is generally commemorated worldwide in September, Fiji observes it in August in memory of Tae Kami who was called to rest.

The AGM will take place in June followed by the launching of Child Cancer Month in July. Awareness activities planned for August include:

  • Superhero Walk and Fun Run (held in Suva, Lautoka, Nadi and Coral Coast)
  • Shave or Save (major fundraiser event)
  • Charity Ball
  • 10th anniversary Memorial Service for Tae

WOWS Kids Fiji hopes that everyone can be inspired by Tae Kami’s message to Walk On Walk Strong no matter what we face in life… storms won’t last for long.

Webmedia South Pacific Launches New Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat Website

Webmedia South Pacific’s latest project is the newly revamped Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat website.

The mobile responsive website boasts a much cleaner look and feel with an emphasis placed on being user friendly and easy to ‘get around’ navigational features including advanced search functionality. The build was challenging as it accommodates an enormous amount of fresh content and re-categorised access points.

A particular highlight is the ‘AT A GLANCE’ scoreboard on the homepage that helps to rapidly segregate and access up to twenty or more stories by ‘quick tab’ categories that include; Sustainable Development, Economic Growth, Governance and Security.

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We’re Proud as Punch! Susan Yee Wins Creative Writing Award

A couple of years ago, a very young and recent graduate from USP handed me a short story that immediately pulled me in and that left me with baited breathe and tremendous admiration.  Susan Yee was hired on the spot and over the years, she has grown to become an impressive professional with multiple skillsets and a depth that belies her years.

No matter what challenge or responsibility Susan has taken on in the professional world, she has always performed admirably, but deep down, a writer will always be a writer and will ‘always’ have their own stories to tell.  Susan Yee is a gifted writer and an equally great person and we are very, very lucky to have her as part of our team. While many of our clients may get to have Susan assist in their story telling, we hope most of all, that she continues to tell her own stores as well.  They are special and they truly deserve a wide audience.

Congratulations Susan for your winning submission in the “Rest of the Pacific” category of the 2017 Samoa Observer Tusitala Story Competition.  Your story, “The Promise” was intimate, compelling and yet, remarkably universal.

For those of you who would like to read Susan’s story, “The Promise”  It can be downloaded here.


WMF E-Newsletters Lead Directly to E-Commerce

Our recent E-commerce E-campaign has been our most successful to-date.  We’ve been highlighting 10 reasons why E-Commerce has ‘finally’ arrived in Fiji and why it is here to stay.  Well, this campaign has brought us new work every single day but I’m not writing this to boast, I’m writing this to say YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!!!

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times, while social media is surely a powerful weapon to move the needle on your revenues, exposure and branding efforts, the pound-for-pound guerrilla marketing  champion is E-Newsletters and it’s a first round knockout!

Pushing a free button and reaching thousands of the most successful and qualified candidates for your product and services in the most professional and subdued way possible is just plain smart business.  Stay in touch, stay in their minds, stay at the forefront and stay relevant.  

Here below is the most recent email we sent out. Twenty minutes after hitting send, the phone rang.  Ten minutes after that it rang again… emails enquiries have continued to come in and the end result is a lot of very successful organisations contacted us because they needed the solutions that we are offering.

If you are not making things E-Z for yourself with E-newsletters call me, Nikil Prakash, at 992 6013 and I’ll make sure you learn how we can E-lectrify your marketing.


The E-volution has begun
Last October, we noted that due to national macro-economic fiscal policy, the ability for Fiji banks to offer conventional E-commerce, payment gateways was next-to-impossible. Yes, they existed, but they pretty much required overseas programmers and budgets at or above $50,000… and even more sadly, the websites they produced already looked a decade old on the first day of launch. So for the average SME, they were just not financially feasible.

Well, we’re proud to say that a couple of crackerjack Webmedia techs have figured out how to link in with one Fiji bank to produce live, state-of-the-art, e-commerce shopping carts. This is a revelation and hopefully the start of a revolution, an e-volution!

Now, any Fiji company can have an online shopping cart and tap into local and international credit and debit cards. Here’s the best part, we’re finding locals are purchasing more online than anyone expected. If you offer delivery options, all the better. We can set up your cart to charge extra for delivery.

Should I have an online shopping/payment facility?
Here’s the Online Markets you can now tap into:

· Locals with credit cards or debts cards. This number is approaching 100,000 nationally.

· Fiji Expats looking to ensure that their money goes to the right place (appliances, school supplies, food, etc.) and not the wrong place (“Hey Bartender, this round is my shout!!!”)

· Fiji expats who don’t want to pay wire transfer costs associated with cash transfers.

· Fiji expats who want to make payments

· General Overseas consumers

· Tourists who bought your product while here and now they want to re-up back home.

Is an online shopping facility right for me?
Fiji credit/debit facilities is now a big place and the world’s a much bigger place. If you take the lead, your customers ‘will’ follow. If any of this sounds exciting to you… and it probably should… contact us today and we could have you selling to the world, tomorrow.

For more information or a consultation, contact marketing@webmediafiji.com or call 3318842 or 9926013