Rest in Peace, Vani Naivalu.

Vani Naivalu

In an office filled with so many very special different people from such diverse backgrounds, one woman clearly stood head and shoulders above the rest of us in terms of grace, acceptance and especially in emanating a peaceful and unassuming spiritual commitment.

She was our moral compass, one that any and/or all of us would use either personally or professionally… as her compass always pointed true north, straight to God above. Vani never quit, she overcame struggles and found new ways to evolve herself.

She is now on to the next step in her evolutionary process, armed with more faith in God than any of us may have ever seen. She is closer to God now and for sure, she is putting in a kind word for anyone she ever met.

Vani, thank you for blessing our lives, for being the type of person we can emulate and for just being you.

God Love and God Bless.

Webmedia South Pacific Establishes e-Presence for Telecommunication Regulations Authority (FSM)

The Telecommunication Regulations Authority (TRA) in the Federated States of Micronesia needed to establish their digital presence and they looked no further than Webmedia South Pacific. Our team listened and we responded.

We developed a website that launched their organization into the cyberworld. This platform has considerably assisted the TRA in educating the local general public and those beyond their shores of the work they perform and the services they provide.

Webmedia is glad to be of assistance to the TRA when they urgently required a solution. Contact us today, we’re only just a simple call or email away… even faster than coconut wireless!

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Webmedia South Pacific Develops Unique Digital Platform for the FSM Department of Finance & Administration (DOFA)

The Department of Finance & Administration (DOFA) based in the Federated States of Micronesia sought to create a website that incorporated a platform that had a login based data management system with the ability to capture complaints, projects and data reports.

Webmedia South Pacific was contacted to carry out this project, and in no time, DOFA was presented with a system well beyond their expectations. Lesivou Bulabalavu, IT Engineer at IT Management Consulting (ITMC), applauded the work of our team.

It was a complete ease working with the team at Webmedia. We regularly communicated via Skype and they understood our requests. Nothing was a challenge for them and at the end of the day, my team and I are happy with the result,” he remarked.

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Webmedia South Pacific Develops Unique System for Micronesia Conservation Trust

Webmedia South Pacific was selected by The Micronesia Conservation Trust team to create a Knowledge Management System (Property Management System) to capture project data, add invoices and payments, and provide reports and downloads.

This system also allowed communication and files to be shared between Sub-Guarantees/Contractors and the Members of The Micronesia Conservation Trust (MCT) based on individual contracts.

As a result, the team has found that the KMS has greatly streamlined their data collection and analysis, and has also allowed them to access data anytime and anywhere.

At the end of the day, Webmedia is pleased that our dedication and hard work in bringing this system to life has made their business operations much easier. That’s what we do best; we provide impactful solutions that create long lasting client satisfaction.


GOOD STUFF: The New One-Stop Website for Coronavirus Information in the Pacific

As Covid-19 continues its unprecedented course, there has not been a single, easy-to-find location where Pacific Islanders can quickly get all the right coronavirus news and business strategies that they need. and its complementary mobile app easily and rapidly link to more than 450 of the most important local, regional and international websites and articles about the coronavirus and how to best deal with it. It was conceived and designed to save time, money, businesses, economies and most importantly, families and lives.

The Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific International (FSPI), a regional NGO, together with Webmedia South Pacific (WMSP), a Fiji-based Communications and IT agency, took it upon themselves to respond to this urgent need for a one-stop news hub, more advanced than anything of its kind.

Mr. Nathan Powell, the spokesman for WMSP, shared that “Webmedia South Pacific uncovered a huge gap in how people, organisations, businesses and stakeholders cannot find or access critical information in a matter of seconds. This platform does all the heavy lifting. It’s free, fast and simple-to-use.”

This impressive website and mobile app are a unique combination of automatic updates and hand-selected articles, all cleanly laid-out to provide the best quality content for individuals, businesses, organisations and leaders at every level and in every sector. A simple scroll highlights breaking news in every country in the Pacific region, click a few tabs and your business will learn how others all over the world are successfully dealing with the virus.

Data in the region is generally very costly and mobile phones offer small viewing areas, therefore Pacific Islanders will value the website and app because of their efficiency in providing regional inclusiveness, speed, design, a wide range of articles and editorial filtering.

There are sections for videos, for essentials-to-know, for maps of testing centres, for podcasts, for businesses and so much more. No matter whether the virus has reached a particular country’s shores or not, there is content for everyone.

Ms. Roshni Chand, the Senior Program Manager/Acting CEO for FSPI, emphasised the great importance of such a digital platform.

The Internet is ALREADY dominating the lives of Pacific Islanders… it has far more viewers than any other media channel in almost every Pacific Island nation. The great thing is that this site actually feeds the news sources that are online… it rewards them for good content by directly linking back to the original publisher’s website to provide them with more traffic,” she explained.

In addition to this website is the mobile app available for both Apple and Android users soon to be available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The mobile platform makes it even easier for individuals to stay connected and keep up with the latest happenings of the coronavirus while on the go.

Ms. Verona Lucas, a founding trustee for FSPI was elated with how the platform has come together. “Webmedia approached us with a vision because they knew of our reputation and abilities to further empower individuals, businesses and proactive organisations. Nothing empowers more rapidly than access to great information. So we saw this as the perfect blend of tech and tactics to help support the Pacific region as we combat all the unknown challenges ahead from this Covid-19 crisis,” she noted.

Mr. Steve Reid, the Director of Webmedia South Pacific, summed up the objective of Pacific Actions. “This platform was developed by a dedicated team who volunteered more than 2 months of unpaid effort during the worst crisis of our lifetime in order to create a platform to save lives, save families, save businesses and preserve cultures.”

He continued saying, “I cannot say enough great things about the team at FSPI that shared our vision, and who are tirelessly helping us to deliver this empowerment platform to all the People of the Pacific.”

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Solomon Islands Prime Minister Launches Main Government Website & Mobile App Portal (Developed by WMSP)

In order to take full advantage of the Coral Sea Cable launch, the Solomon Islands Government through SIG-ICT Services embarked on a major initiative that was the creation of a bold, state-of-the-art Main Government (SIG) website and Mobile App Portal.

A Webmedia South Pacific team comprised of Steve Reid, Muhammad Mohsin Akram, Susan Yee and Nathan Powell were in-country for two months and collaborated with SIG-ICT Services on the project. This included holding multiple workshops with government media officers and more than 100 visits to various offices to collaborate and collect data.

The impressive website is a combination of  ‘General Information’ on all Ministries, Departments, SOEs, Provinces, International Support Agencies and other relevant organisations that serve as intimate stakeholders to the greater Solomon Islands community.

Secondly, it ‘critically’ serves as a first-level ‘HelpDesk’ for visitors who are seeking essential details and assistance on many of the most sought after government services and additional support. HelpDesk examples include how to renew a driver’s license, important information pertaining starting up and registering a business, critical health services access, etc.

On March 2nd, the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands, Manasseh Sogavare, officially launched both the digital platforms that we developed, wrote and project managed. As a result, this placed SIG on the web and ultimately helped the Solomon Islands become more visible to the world.

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Aloha! Susan Goes to Hawaii!

Picture this.

A six-week all expenses paid trip to Hawaii and Washington D.C. A chance to explore and discover a world like no other, and meet fellow Pacific Islanders from across 8 different island nations.

Well, that’s what Susan Yee from our office did!

Susan, who serves as Webmedia’s Chief of Creative Content, was selected as one of 15 South Pacific Islands Representatives for Tourism Professionals as she was recognised for her extensive background in creative and branding inputs for dozens of SP tourism entities of all sizes.

Her time in Hawaii included both classroom sessions with multiple industry experts and field trips to unlocking the wonders of Hawaii’s magnificent culture and history. This was then followed by a 4-week work placement as they collaborated with their American counterparts across diverse business sectors.

Susan was fortunate to have been assigned to the iconic Kahala Hotel and Resort as her internship placement along with a Samoan colleague. They visited different departments and learnt the behind-the-scenes ‘ins and outs’ of The Kahala’s daily operations.

The trip concluded with a Professional Fellows Congress in Washington D.C attended by 270 professionals from various backgrounds along with high-ranking U.S Government Dignitaries.

We hope you enjoyed yourself, Susan! We certainly missed you and welcome back to the same ole, but as per usual, completely different every day, grind!


Webmedia South Pacific Donates Time and Website to WOWS Kids Fiji

There are special organisations, and then there are ‘special’ organisations… the type you just feel blessed and proud to be able to help support in any way.

With the recent launch of the WOWS Kids Fiji website, a non-profit charity foundation established in 2014 for children with cancer in Fiji, the whole team here at Webmedia SP is honoured to have participated in this noble cause.

Viola Lesi, team leader for WOWS Kids Fiji, expressed her own gratitude for our team’s generosity and sponsorship of the website. She commended the staff for being accommodating and easy to work with.  “That goes both ways, Viola… Vinaka vakalevu”

WOWS Kids continues to the good fight extending their reach and further their awareness campaign on child cancer. The website should help to further educate the general public on the work and services of WOWS Kids, and how they themselves can also help those suffering from cancer. Whether it’s a big or small contribution, every single person’s effort and/or contribution counts in this battle.  We invite you all to make WOWS Kids a beneficiary of some small gesture.

Apart from supporting children with cancer and their family on their journey, WOWS Kids intends to be more holistic in their approach especially in the areas of psychology, finance, nutrition and literacy.

Equipped with two Paediatric Oncology Units at both the Lautoka and Colonial War Memorial Hospitals, WOWS Kids to date has supported 70+ children with cancer.

While Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is generally commemorated worldwide in September, Fiji observes it in August in memory of Tae Kami who was called to rest.

The AGM will take place in June followed by the launching of Child Cancer Month in July. Awareness activities planned for August include:

  • Superhero Walk and Fun Run (held in Suva, Lautoka, Nadi and Coral Coast)
  • Shave or Save (major fundraiser event)
  • Charity Ball
  • 10th anniversary Memorial Service for Tae

WOWS Kids Fiji hopes that everyone can be inspired by Tae Kami’s message to Walk On Walk Strong no matter what we face in life… storms won’t last for long.

WMSP Rebrands Solomon Islands Tourism

July 5th, 2018 marked a turning point in the Solomon Islands’ tourism industry with the unveiling of a new brand. Hundreds were in attendance including travel agents from Australia, Japan, Taiwan, the US and many other nations along with a major contingent of local tour operators, dive companies and resort operators at the Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel.

Webmedia South Pacific were tasked with this re-branding project and its Directors, Steve Reid and Muhammad Mohsin Akram were also in attendance along with Susan Yee, the Project Manager. It was truly a moment of great pride to see the fruit of the team’s hard work being witnessed by Solomon Islands tourism industry professionals.

The highly nationalistic and eminently flexible brand became an instant hit. It was so well received locally that it was adopted by Parliament and made mandatory on all government communiqués, recognised as the first nation to so honour its tourism brand.

The resulting ‘Solomon Is.’ brand proved to be both impactful and enormously pliable and affords the nation’s tourism brand a lasting ability to evolve and stretch well beyond a slew of national brands that attempt to utilize a singular, defining and ultimately encapsulation.

With a full implementation of the new brand, the nation has experienced its most impressive tourism growth rates ever and the industry has rallied around the nationalistic brand as a call to arms to improve national standards throughout the tourism industry.

Freda Unusi, Head of Sales & Marketing for Tourism Solomons expressed her appreciation for Webmedia,

We are very happy and impressed with our brand Solomon Is. It is so inclusive of Solomon Island people as well as its activities. It was really great having Steve sit with us in person and our superb relationship with him has enabled us to be able to be casual and yet professional, we appreciate that about Webmedia.

 The ease of working with the staff and the professionalism is what we really love about Webmedia in every aspect of our work with them. It’s so easy for us to work with the team, not only Steve but Susan too…it’s a good working relationship.”

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