August 1, 2016 WMSP Support

4 Reasons Your Website Needs an Upgrade

Your website is one of your biggest marketing tools. Many organisations in Fiji and the South Pacific haven’t really done any updates for months, years or maybe since the day they launched it.

It’s probably time to do a quick gut check and see if you need to get on the right path again. A neglected web presence sends a powerful message. Like a broken down sign outside a store, it just happens to be the absolute wrong one.

If these reasons below make you squirm when you read them, Webmedia can help.

1. No Traffic ‘Is There Anybody Out There’

If you opened up a store and almost no one came in… wouldn’t you make an effort to get more people to come by? How long would you even keep it open?
You could try to get more traffic yourself, but it’s ‘not’ very likely to happen with an out-of-date website… and it definitely won’t happen without additional resources devoted to the task. We will deliver the tools, the experience and the skills to help drive quality traffic to your site.

2. No Style ‘Outdated and Negated’

Narrow sites, slow load times, ugly ‘til it hurts design, outdated content, broken links, bad or distorted images and a site that is not mobile-friendly are all painfully obvious signs that your website is in desperate need of an upgrade.
Here’s a few suggestions to help you understand what your website needs are in 2016:

• Focus on Solutions
You offer ‘Value’, so highlight those points of difference. Get straight to the point right away, people won’t stay on your page if they have to sift through heaps of unnecessary content.

• Great Design Gives Great Confidence
Clean, Colour Smart, Simple, Fast, Great Images, Intuitive Appeal, Highlight Driven, Impressionistic Headlines, Resonating Graphics… the list goes on, but the message is clear, you NEED to look sharp.

• Helpful Content
Quality content breeds trust. It breeds repeat traffic. It breeds people looking for answers and points to you as the solution provider.

3. No Response ‘Unresponsive and Unnavigable’

If your website does not recognise and adjust to being viewed on a mobile device, you ‘will’ be penalised by Google, you will be penalised by the visitor and you will lose a precious opportunity for revenue or goodwill. Responsive websites have interactive content that can be easily accessed and read on many different devices and still look beautiful.

Get Faster and Furious and upgrade your website to a better version that brings in more visitors and customers.

4. No Use ‘A Sad Waste of Cyber Space’

How many people reached the site?
How many liked how your site looked?
How many could easily navigate around your site with their mobile device?

Now… most importantly… how many people contacted you from your site?

It’s 2016, not 1990… If you are not getting significant business from your web presence, your social media presence and your emailing efforts, you are absolutely losing money, missing opportunities and ignoring the bold truth. Is that really the best way to do business?

Make an impact, get calls and get busy! Contact Webmedia Today for a state-of-the-art Web Experience.

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