WMSP Rebrands Solomon Islands Tourism

July 5th, 2018 marked a turning point in the Solomon Islands’ tourism industry with the unveiling of a new brand. Hundreds were in attendance including travel agents from Australia, Japan, Taiwan, the US and many other nations along with a major contingent of local tour operators, dive companies and resort operators at the Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel.

Webmedia South Pacific were tasked with this re-branding project and its Directors, Steve Reid and Muhammad Mohsin Akram were also in attendance along with Susan Yee, the Project Manager. It was truly a moment of great pride to see the fruit of the team’s hard work being witnessed by Solomon Islands tourism industry professionals.

The highly nationalistic and eminently flexible brand became an instant hit. It was so well received locally that it was adopted by Parliament and made mandatory on all government communiqués, recognised as the first nation to so honour its tourism brand.

The resulting ‘Solomon Is.’ brand proved to be both impactful and enormously pliable and affords the nation’s tourism brand a lasting ability to evolve and stretch well beyond a slew of national brands that attempt to utilize a singular, defining and ultimately encapsulation.

With a full implementation of the new brand, the nation has experienced its most impressive tourism growth rates ever and the industry has rallied around the nationalistic brand as a call to arms to improve national standards throughout the tourism industry.

Freda Unusi, Head of Sales & Marketing for Tourism Solomons expressed her appreciation for Webmedia,

We are very happy and impressed with our brand Solomon Is. It is so inclusive of Solomon Island people as well as its activities. It was really great having Steve sit with us in person and our superb relationship with him has enabled us to be able to be casual and yet professional, we appreciate that about Webmedia.

 The ease of working with the staff and the professionalism is what we really love about Webmedia in every aspect of our work with them. It’s so easy for us to work with the team, not only Steve but Susan too…it’s a good working relationship.”

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