We’re Proud as Punch! Susan Yee Wins Creative Writing Award

A couple of years ago, a very young and recent graduate from USP handed me a short story that immediately pulled me in and that left me with baited breathe and tremendous admiration.  Susan Yee was hired on the spot and over the years, she has grown to become an impressive professional with multiple skillsets and a depth that belies her years.

No matter what challenge or responsibility Susan has taken on in the professional world, she has always performed admirably, but deep down, a writer will always be a writer and will ‘always’ have their own stories to tell.  Susan Yee is a gifted writer and an equally great person and we are very, very lucky to have her as part of our team. While many of our clients may get to have Susan assist in their story telling, we hope most of all, that she continues to tell her own stores as well.  They are special and they truly deserve a wide audience.

Congratulations Susan for your winning submission in the “Rest of the Pacific” category of the 2017 Samoa Observer Tusitala Story Competition.  Your story, “The Promise” was intimate, compelling and yet, remarkably universal.

For those of you who would like to read Susan’s story, “The Promise”  It can be downloaded here.


WMF E-Newsletters Lead Directly to E-Commerce

Our recent E-commerce E-campaign has been our most successful to-date.  We’ve been highlighting 10 reasons why E-Commerce has ‘finally’ arrived in Fiji and why it is here to stay.  Well, this campaign has brought us new work every single day but I’m not writing this to boast, I’m writing this to say YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!!!

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times, while social media is surely a powerful weapon to move the needle on your revenues, exposure and branding efforts, the pound-for-pound guerrilla marketing  champion is E-Newsletters and it’s a first round knockout!

Pushing a free button and reaching thousands of the most successful and qualified candidates for your product and services in the most professional and subdued way possible is just plain smart business.  Stay in touch, stay in their minds, stay at the forefront and stay relevant.  

Here below is the most recent email we sent out. Twenty minutes after hitting send, the phone rang.  Ten minutes after that it rang again… emails enquiries have continued to come in and the end result is a lot of very successful organisations contacted us because they needed the solutions that we are offering.

If you are not making things E-Z for yourself with E-newsletters call me, Nikil Prakash, at 992 6013 and I’ll make sure you learn how we can E-lectrify your marketing.