The Warwick Fiji – Rebrand

As the pace of change rapidly progresses, and we are exponentially bombarded with commercial messages, the distinguishing value of a strong brand increases.

When the Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa embarked on a complete makeover of the property they looked both offshore and in Fiji for someone to create a unique, relevant and appealing face. One which could be used across all hotel collateral and corporate communications to distinguish them from the crowd.

Our initial brief was to create a personality for the property in keeping with their vision for the future of this grand, but older, property. We identified a platform of “understated elegance” as appropriate and applied this to a new logo, colour scheme and font usage. A comprehensive in-room directory (compendium) was created from which most of the other collateral flowed – brochures, fact sheets, advertising, posters and expo displays. This style was also translated into corporate presentations, websites and mobile applications.

Punjas Group Overview

I have no hesitation in recommending Webmedia Fiji to any company or organization that requires the delivery of exceptional communications to international standards.

Gopal Jadhav – Group Marketing Manager Punja & Sons Ltd

Some would wonder why a company as large as Punjas, with their own “in-house” marketing and design team, would use an outside creative source like us.

The answer is simple – we deliver. Consistently.
They understand they don’t have our experience and expertise on the big projects to create concepts, that work, and follow them through into final production with an end result that will stack up in any market.

Over the past two years we have written and produced over 9 television commercials, 6 billboards, 4 websites, 3 corporate videos and numerous packaging and promo concepts for this client. Products worked on have been the new Punjas Biscuits, Savante Wraps, Naturally Fiji, Bodyguard Bar Soaps and Shower Gel, Pearl Radiance Beauty Soaps and Coral Laundry Detergent for Ocean Soaps.


Scroll vs. Clicks: Another Reason for Longer Websites

There is literally overwhelming statistical evidence that long websites perform better than short websites. This is in respects to SEO, Conversions and ‘General Retention’. However, it seems company owners in the South Pacific have a particularly strong proclivity towards ‘demanding’ short sites that fit in the initial browser view. Well, sorry to tell you stubborn ‘old-schoolers’ but there’s yet another very compelling reason that size matters.

Tablets and phones don’t do clicks well, they are far more scroll and swipe friendly. notes, “Websites which spread their articles onto multiple pages will soon learn this lesson. Expect these to turn into longer single pages or even, like TIME magazine, into infinite scrolling pages”

Now, with more than 50% of all Internet accessed in industrialised markets via a mobile phone or tablet, it may be time for your ‘extension’.

Why is responsive web design important for your business website?

Google analytics now point to between 30-50% of all website traffic that is read off a mobile phone or tablet. Fiji currently shows 22% but the numbers are skewed lower because of limited pre-pay plans. Momentum continues and statistics project that by 2016 more international web browsing will be done on a mobile device rather than a desktop computer.

Responsive design means that your website has a mobile/tablet friendly conversion that plays to people viewing your site through those mediums. Google, for its part, “highly recommends using responsive design” and has already added it to its search engine algorithm. That means; everyday you are losing ranking value to your competitors on Google if they are responsive and you are not.

There are a dozen other important reasons to become ‘responsive’, contact one of our web experts if you’d like the right impression with those you capture in your Web.